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welcome home campaign

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Did you know our city sits strategically between major port cities comprising millions of people? This means we are going to launch NEW BEGINNINGS where a proverbial “super-highway” exists that brings victims of human trafficking right through our “back yard”. This is why we are calling this the “Welcome Home” campaign. We want to bring enslaved women into our safe home: creating a NEW community of safety and love, so they can experience freedom and deliverance from the chains of sexual slavery.

Our goal is to raise $17,000 over the next three months to cover opening costs for a five-year property acquisition. Our deadline: April 30, 2021.

Our Financial Breakdown:

$11,000– House Rental- this will cover a five-year rental contract necessary for a sustainable program.

$6,000 – Fill the Home. This cost will fill the safe home with the needed furniture, linens, and kitchen supplies to house these precious women and provide office equipment to manage the home.

NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CAMPAIGN, but praying for further provision, we need to raise an additional:

$8,000- to rent land and pursue methods for sustainability.

This is an individual breakdown of what we would need to reach our financial goal. Would you take one of these slots?

6 people at $1,000.00

12 people at $500.00

15 people at $250.00

20 people at $75.00

Would you GIVE NOW to partner with us? Your generosity is tax deductible.

Help us launch an empowerment program and safehouse to reach women trapped in the darkest webs of this world. Help us launch NEW BEGINNINGS and bring those enslaved in sex trafficking...HOME.

Thank you for your generous donation!

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